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Operation Fake Out: Cracking Down on Fake ID's

Local, state, and federal agencies are cracking down on fake ID's. Their message to minor's carrying a false identification, "Get rid of it now before you get arrested."

"Operation Fake Out" is targeting any and everyone involved in making, distributing, and carrying fake ID's. The agencies kicked off the operation today, meaning they'll be targeting bars at any time. Harry Schreffler from TABC said, "We can't afford to look away any longer. If you have a fake ID, get rid of it."

Law enforcement agencies hope minor's are listening, because this is the only warning they get if they're caught with fake identification. Paul Scarborough from Lubbock County Sheriff's Department said, "Officers will be at the door checking ID's. We have a no tolerance policy for manufacturing or lending. If we find either, you will be penalized."

The penalties are stiff. If you're carrying a fake ID, you are looking at a Class C Misdemeanor and up to a $500 fine. If you're caught with altering or lending your ID to a minor, you can get up to a $2,000 fine and spend time in county jail. If you're caught manufacturing ID's, you can be charged with a felony along with a hefty fine.

"Operation Fake Out" will be at bars starting immediately, and they're asking businesses, parents and community members to help in their fight with fake ID's. Schreffler says, "If you're a parent, you need to know what your kids have. You need to know if they're going to get in trouble for this."

Another reason the sting is so important, the Secret Service is getting involved to try and find "good" ID's that are not only being sold to kids, but to people that don't need to get them.

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