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Lubbock Police Internal Investigation Released

A former Lubbock policeman admits he was not properly trained to investigate the accident that killed bicyclist Brett Walrath.

The statement is part of Lubbock Police internal investigation documents, obtained by NewsChannel 11. In those documents, Corporal Allen Davis says he attended accident investigation training school, but was not trained in vehicle pedestrian accidents. Because of that, he had no guidelines on when to measure the accident scene.

Both Corporal Davis and former officer Corporal Terry Boyer stated that a number of witness reports were missing. Pavement markings at the scene were also not photographed.

The investigation came under scrutiny during Callie Long's intoxication manslaughter trial, last month. Long was convicted of hitting Walrath while driving drunk. Walrath later died from those injuries.

Monday's report comes just days after attorney Rod Hobson called on Lubbock to create an accident investigation team, while Lubbock Police contend the system in place is working.

Attorney Asks for New Way to Investigate Fatality Accidents
Callie Long's intoxication manslaughter trial is raising new concerns about the way Lubbock police investigate accidents.

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