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Body Works Purchases Gold's Gym Location In Lubbock

One of Lubbock's leading workout facilities is now under new ownership. Effective Monday May 2nd, Body Works is the new owner of the Gold's Gym location at 50th and Slide.

This acquisition now brings Body Works Membership to a total of 15,000. This includes the 5,000 previously working out at the former Gold's Gym. We broke the news of the change to one Gold's Gym member and found out the changes those members can expect.

"This is the first time I knew when you mentioned it," says Linda Ballejo, a surprised member of Gold's Gym, as she learns from NewsChannel 11 that her work out facility is now owned by Body Works.

"I haven't heard, I haven't received anything in the mail, "she says. Linda has been a member of Gold's for more than a year. Her number one concern is whether or not her monthly rates will increase.

"If you are a current Gold's Gym member your rates will stay the same, so there won't be any change at all," explains Michael Nelson, Owner of Body Works. He says Gold's members have nothing to sweat about. Current contracts and rates will be honored. However those members will have an option to upgrade to other features but those prices are yet to be determined.

The news brings a sigh of relief to members like Linda. "If we'll still have 24 hour service and 7 days a week, if everything stays the same it will be all right with me," she says.

The ownership change means Body Works now owns four gym facilities in Lubbock and they're building a fifth. No word yet on the location Gold's was in the process of building. We'll continue to see how the new ownership plays out and will keep you informed of any changes.

Current Gold's member contracts will be honored. But as for those members who may want to get out of their contract, we're told they'll need to contact staff and those deals will be worked out on a case by case basis.

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