Consider This: Kaepernick wasting money, talent with disrespectful behavior

Last Friday San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, refused to stand for the National Anthem in Friday's preseason game against Green Bay, saying he was protesting "black oppression" in the United States.

Kaepernick, the biracial son of white adoptive parents, is a six-year veteran making $19 million a year. In 2015, he was fined $11,000 for using a racial slur towards a black athlete.

It seems no coincidence that Kaepernick's newfound sensitivity comes only now that he is fighting to save his failing career.

Rather than facilitating a constructive dialogue about race, Kaepernick chose to disrespect the flag and those men and women of every race and color who defend our freedoms.

Consider this: It doesn't matter how noble your cause may be, it doesn't justify showing disrespect to the symbols and sacrifices that provide us life and liberty.

Maybe Colin Kaepernick should do something with his money and talent that improves our country instead of riding the bench during the National Anthem.

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