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Mail Carriers Get Involved in Search for Joanna Rogers

One year ago teenager Joanna Rogers vanished from her Lubbock County home and law enforcement has been stumped ever since. That does not mean they've given up though. In fact, a new collaborative effort to find Joanna is underway.

The U.S. Postal Service and the national center for missing and exploited children form the "Deliver Me Home Network." It is being used for the first time in Texas to bring Joanna Rogers home. As part of the program, local post offices distributed 52,000 flyers on Tuesday. At a press conference announcing the effort, Kathy Rogers, Joanna's mother said, "This past year has been extremely difficult for us. This is an experience I hope no one would ever have to go through."

Kathy and Joanna's father Joe Rogers expressed how grateful they are the Deliver Me Home Network will be utilized to find their daughter. The Lubbock Postal Service and the sheriff's department announced 52,000 flyers containing Joanna Rogers' identifying information are awaiting citizens in select areas of Lubbock County.

Ted Tyler, Postmaster of the Lubbock Post Office says, "The carriers will just take this full sheet and lay it on top of the mail. My heart goes out to that family. When we had the opportunity to do this, we were elated." Joe Rogers says, "It's as important to them as it is to Kathy and I. They want it also. They want to find her and that's very important." Sheriff Gutierrez says, "To lose a teenager and not be able to locate her has become not only part of our responsibility, it's personal now."

With thousand of flyers in mailboxes across the South Plains, law enforcement is hoping it'll lead to the one break they so desperately need. Gutierrez explains, "Somebody knows something and this is another effort to spark somebody's memory." Kathy Rogers says, "To be honest, it takes a big burden off us to think we don't have to do everything for ourselves. We need the support. We feel overwhelmed sometimes. There have been birthdays and there have been Christmases, Easter... May is hard."

The Rogers family appreciates all the support they've gotten from the community here in Lubbock over the past year. They ask you to keep Joanna in your prayers.

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