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Lubbock wrestler takes on WWE Smackdown

Source: Pete Christy, KCBD Source: Pete Christy, KCBD

If you watched WWE Smackdown Live from Dallas Tuesday night, you saw an unknown wrestler get in the ring, grab the microphone and demand "a competitor comes in here and gets some from me."

He used the name Gary the Milk Man Millman, but it was Lubbock and Ralls wrestler Efren Longoria. WWE gave him an opportunity of a lifetime. Efren stripped down to his white underwear and Kane came down and choke slammed him in the ring.

Efren says he loved every minute of it.

"Oh man it was so surreal. It was just crazy seeing all these people that I only see on TV. Now I'm in the same dressing rooms with them. It's just really cool. It just goes to show no matter where you come from, you can always make your dreams come true if you work hard enough for them.

Efren says he got experience with Lubbock Pro Wrestling 101 and he wrestles around here as Jason Erra. In fact he wrestles here in Lubbock September 24th at Jake's Backroom.

As for being seen nationwide in his underwear and getting choke slammed by Kane, Efren would do it again.

"It's often said in wrestling, if you're not willing to go out there in your tighty whities, you should get out. Getting choke slammed really hurt. It really hurt. My neck still hurts. It was so cool though."

Efren will keep wrestling locally and hopes to get an official tryout with the WWE in the future.

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