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New Information in the Search for Joanna Rogers

Joanna Rogers Joanna Rogers

Lubbock Sheriff's Investigators have a list of at least 100 people they would like to question. Those people had some kind of contact with Joanna Rogers online inside chat rooms. NewsChannel 11 spoke with the Rogers family who says they were well aware of their daughter's online activity.

"Joanna had friends and just like any normal teenager she would chat online," said Joanna's sister-in-law Daizy Duede. She recalls that Joanna chatted online a lot when she was 14 years old and had a long list of friends on her buddy list. "We talked about how liked to make a list of people we didn't want to talk to and put them on block on our buddy list," said Duede.

Investigators are now pulling the names of those people and tracking them down. So far criminal investigator Greg Parrott says they have contacted 10 people. Parrott says no one was able to provide any new information. "We have been able to identify user names with actual addresses and names," said Parrott.

Months ago, the FBI placed information on their website that says Joanna would chat with older men. Parrott suspects she may have met them outside the Internet.

Joanna's mother Kathy Rogers believes every option should be explored by the investigators but says there is no evidence linking her daughter's disappearance to an online relationship. "She didn't spend that much time online. She was not online the day she disappeared so we know that someone didn't pop up and say meet me out in 15 minutes," said Kathy.

The Sheriff's Office says they will contact every person on Joanna's buddy list and that their investigation may take them as far as New York and Florida. But they are still asking locally as well for anyone that may have chatted online with a 16-year-old girl that fits the profile of Joanna Rogers to contact investigators at 775-1406. Otherwise, Parrott says they will eventually find those they need to talk to.

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