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Lubbock County residents speak out against tax proposal after watching KCBD report

KCBD report sparks comments from residents at public hearing KCBD report sparks comments from residents at public hearing

Some Lubbock County voters are now speaking out against a proposed tax increase after watching a KCBD report. 

In a 4 to 1 vote earlier this month, commissioners passed a proposed tax rate that would remain the same as last year, but would increase tax revenues. 

Commissioners hosted a public hearing on Monday, but no one showed up. 

On Wednesday, KCBD reported the second public hearing would take Thursday morning at 10 a.m.

On Thursday, four Lubbock County residents attended the hearing they said they only knew about because of the KCBD report on Wednesday.

Ann Nixon said she was shocked when she heard the interview with Lubbock County Commissioner Patti Jones about the proposed tax rate.

In that interview, Jones said, "It's considered a tax increase in the truth and taxation laws. Even though we are staying with our current rate, so our public hearing is because we are having a tax increase and no one showed up to say a word."

"I told her that the reason why i even showed up today was because after seeing the report on your newscast yesterday I was furious first at her and then at myself. At her for saying that nobody showed up and then at myself for oh I didn't know there was a meeting and I didn't show up," Nixon said.

Nixon is not alone.

Both public hearings began at 10 a.m. A time the residents said is inconvenient.

"A lot of us work, a lot of us work 8:00 to 5:00. So I am taking vacation time right now just to be here. I had to sacrifice," said Margee Ceja.

A sacrifice Ceja said is worth making to fight the extra $27 this proposed tax rate would cost the average household.

"A lot of the people in Lubbock County are living paycheck to paycheck you know, we are making ends meet and it doesn't you take long to figure that out," Ceja said.

Which is why Lubbock County Commissioner Bubba Sedeno said he voted against the proposed tax rate.

"Twenty-seven dollars doesn't seem like much, but it does to a lot of people," Sedeno said in the story that aired on Wednesday.

Roger Settler said he is proud of his commissioner for voting against the increase.

"We need to develop a narrative that tax increases are not the only way to do governmental policy. cuts can be considered and can be implemented," Settler said.

"That was a great story that you ran on t.v. last night. Because of that story, we had four people come by and testify and they said what was on their mind. I am looking for two more votes," Sedeno said.

Jones said the money would go toward new voting machines and renovations to Lubbock County buildings. 

After the public hearing, several commissioners stuck around to speak with the residents. 

Jones had a chance to address some of Nixon's concerns.

"I thanked her because my eyes were opened in the meeting today," Nixon said.

Nixon said the conversations she had with commissioners today may have her in favor of the proposed tax rate.

If you did not have a chance to attend the public hearing, but would like to reach out to Lubbock County Commissioners, click here to view their contact information.

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