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New clear bag policy in effect: Texas Tech game day

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While many Red Raider fans are excited to be back inside the Jones, there is something you need to remember before you walk through the gates – the clear bag policy now in effect and the rules that surround it.

"We thought with very little effort this would just be another way that we could enhance, not only the safety, but also to move the lines quicker through," says Senior Associate Athletic Director, Robert Giovannetti. 

The new policy states the only large bags allowed inside the Jones are clear plastic totes.

"We have to be proactive and look at what's happening around the country and we always want to put the safety and the convenience of our fans first and foremost," says Giovannetti.

So, in an effort to make the bags easier for fans to get, Texas Tech University partnered with The Matador at 19th and Broadway and United Supermarkets, both of which now carry official Texas Tech bags.

Steve Massengale, owner of the Matador, says it's a policy he stands behind completely.

"I know it's probably considered inconvenient to some people, but it's part of the world we live in today."

In hopes of making the bags more accessible to customers, Noel Garcia, who is the store director at the Market Street at 19th and Quaker says his store is placing the totes in a strategic place – right at the check-out line. 

"We've been asking our checkers, make sure that they are letting our guests know that they are available here. We thought it would be a great spot for them to come in, grab it, and get to the game." 

In addition to accessibility, both Massengale and Garcia say affordability is also crucial. The price for the totes at The Matador are $6.95, while they cost $3.99 at United.

Meanwhile, Cardinals and Red Raider Outfitters are also carrying clear bags. But they are geared more toward fashion and will end up costing more.

In addition to the clear totes, fans can also bring in small clutches that measure no larger than six and a half inches by four and a half inches. Or if you're not interested in buying a tote, clear, one-gallon plastic storage bags are also allowed. 

But, Giovannetti wants to remind fans this policy isn't just limited to football season.

"No bags that aren't clear can come into any of our venues from now on."

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