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Lamesa PD says patrolling on bikes decrease burglaries, increase community interaction

Lamesa PD patrol on new bikes (source: KCBD) Lamesa PD patrol on new bikes (source: KCBD)
Lamesa PD ride near Lamesa South Elementary (source: KCBD) Lamesa PD ride near Lamesa South Elementary (source: KCBD)

As summer comes to an end, the Lamesa Police Department is happy to say the city of Lamesa has seen a decrease in burglaries this summer.

And this comes after the department decided to start something new this summer: patrolling the city on bikes.

Patrol Lieutenant Tommy Arguijo says the city saw an unusually high number burglaries in the month of May.

“Within about a two to three week period we had about thirty total counting vehicles and residential burglaries,” Lt. Arguijo said.

He said that is what sparked the decision to take what they’re calling a more proactive approach to patrolling the city.

“The main thing we were wondering is just what we could have done to try to prevent that and what we could keep doing in the future to try to stop some of that from happening,” he said.

Starting in June, Patrol Lt. Tommy Arguijo and Patrol Officer Isaac Liscano traded in the big wheels for a different kind of ride.

“This is what we thought was a good alternative because it’s something that got us in those residential areas better than the cars did,” Lt. Arguijo said.

As Lt. Arguijo says this summer and into the new school year has been filled with positive reaction to the new bike patrols.

“We have had a decrease in the number of burglaries we’ve had in those areas. And then on top of that it’s worked how we expected it to as far as getting us more involved with the community,” he said.

He says the following summer months saw only single digit burglary numbers.

“People are seeing that we have different methods that we are using to try to deter this,” Lt. Arguijo said.

But this new approach led to even better things as they bike around the community several times a week.

“The car and the uniform kind of present one image to some people and I think with the bike and this different style of uniform we’re a little bit more approachable and people seem you know, more open to come up and actually talk with us,” Lt. Arguijo said.

And that has created more input from Lamesa residents, of all ages

“It just provides a whole lot more security. There’s a lot more visibility,” Assistant Principal of Instruction for South Elementary, Jaime Bahlman, said. “They cruise through on their bikes making sure everybody is doing what they’re supposed to and it just really helps out.”

After an encouraging summer, the Lamesa Police Department hopes this will carry on as they continue to strive for lower crime numbers.

“Seeing the people have a positive reaction to us is always a good thing,” patrol officer Isaac Liscano said.

“We’re happy. I mean every time you start something new you never know how it is going to turn out. And you know we had hoped for a positive outcome with it and I think it turned out a lot better than we thought it would,” Lt. Arguijo said.

Lt. Arguijo says they will continue to patrol on the bikes through the fall and winter months, as long as the weather conditions aren’t dangerous.

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