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NewsChannel 11 Shatters Rumors of Tech's "Double T" Being Retired

NewsChannel 11 has been flooded with concerns from Texas Tech graduates who are irate that the "Double T" symbol could be retired. However, a statement from a press conference which took place Wednesday, may put your mind at ease.

"I'm here to tell you that the Double T has an indefinite contract. It's going to be around forever," said Associate Athletic Director, Craig Wells.

The Double T will continue to symbolize athletics, but it won't be used as often to represent academics. One seal will now represent all colleges of Texas Tech and the Health Sciences Center. Currently, dozens of logos represent the different colleges.

The new developments come from studies the university has performed on how to improve its nationwide recognition. Chancellor David Smith says, "By pairing one academic identity with the name of each college, we'll have a consistent and unified academic identity" with which people nationwide can identify.

Dozens of you expressed concerns through e-mail or phone calls and Smith says that means something. "People care. There is passion about this university and the health sciences center and we've got a lot of folks we can build on and use that to launch what I think is a frontal assault on the entire nation about the credibility of this university," said Smith.

The new seal is an updated version of the current seal, which you can see on the statue at Texas Tech's Broadway and University entrance. The older version with the cotton bolls will now be used for more formal events. However, the statue will stay.

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