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The Bake N Fill: Does It Work?

You've seen the ads for this amazing product. Says you can bake a delicious cake with all sorts of filling in the middle using the Bake and Fill. This product costs under twenty bucks, but Does It Work?

The ingredients call for a two boxes of cake mix and the filling of your choice. Before we get started, I greased each pan with shortening. Then I mixed one box of cake mix and poured it into the tall pan to the fill line. Once I did that, I placed the insert pan on top and locked it in place. The insert pan will create a hole in the cake for the filling.

Next, I made the second box of cake mix and poured half of it in the base pan. I put both in the oven and waited 15 minutes to take out the base cake and 30 minutes to take out the tall cake.

I let both cool for 30 minutes. Now, the exciting part! I twisted off the inset pan and look what we have! A hole for the ice cream. The directions told me to pack the ice cream in the middle and then place the base pan on top. OK, I tried carving it out and it still was not working. The cake was nice and stuck the bottom which is not a good thing.

I thought scooping it out by the handfuls and just squishing the crumbs down might work. I mean, it does have to sit in the freezer for 20 minutes before I can take the whole cake out and frost it.

Twenty minutes went by and it's time to see what we have. It did not look good at all. I kept pounding on it and finally the results.

"Oh my gosh, look at that mess!"

So we have this glob of ice cream, cake crumbs all over the place and the top of the cake was still stuck to the pan.

This was a total disaster. After three hours of messing with this product, I won't waste any more time. This product Does Not Work!

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