Consider This: Roadways need attention

Consider This: Roadways need attention

Whether you are driving along the Loop, Marsha Sharp Freeway, I-27 or our major highways in and out of Lubbock one thing is the same: weeds and trash have outgrown the state's ability or willingness to keep up with them.

Drive along the South Loop and the trash on the inside lane is deplorable. On the North Loop and along the interstate, weeds are knee high and growing. Grass is growing through the seams and joints of the concrete along overpasses all over town.

Lubbock is an attractive city with spacious parks and several beautiful college campuses, but every roadway leading into and through town looks like a jungle.

The one thing that all of these areas have in common is that TxDOT is responsible for their maintenance and cleanup. TxDOT tells KCBD it has contracted out the responsibility for mowing to a private contractor.

Consider this...If you see places that need attention call the TxDOT office at (806) 745-4688.

I'm all for privatization, but someone at TxDOT still needs to be responsible for ensuring our roads and highways are well kept and the contractor does his job properly.

TxDOT needs to speed toward a resolution or take a detour and find a new contractor.

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