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Follow along as travel journalists visit Lubbock this week

Rebecca Bingham, freelance travel journalist Rebecca Bingham, freelance travel journalist
Bingham at the National Ranching Heritage Center Bingham at the National Ranching Heritage Center

Twenty-one travel journalists from across the country came to Lubbock this week, eager to learn about West Texas culture.

They arrived on Tuesday and will stay until Friday.

"It's much more vibrant and diverse than I had expected it to be," says Rebecca Bingham a freelance travel journalist.

She's in the Hub City taking in everything Lubbock has to offer.

"I took video coming in, and of course, the first thing you see is flat and cotton," she says.

Bingham calls Hot Springs, Arkansas home, but she lives 24 weeks out of the year, on the road.

"I used to be a very small-minded person," the writer explains. "This is the part that makes me cry. Traveling has enlarged my vision, it's strengthened my purpose."

Visiting 17 countries so far, Rebecca started writing about her travels in 2007.

Her parents were classically trained musicians, so their dreams of taking treks across the globe stayed out of reach.

"What my mother did to compensate, is she rented things from the library," Rebecca recalls. "She would rent videos, she would rent books, she cooked food from different cultures. My father sang operas from those different countries. I'm a very late bloomer to the travel world, but I do know that the seeds were planted very early through literature and through experiences in our home."

Rebecca says she's learned a lot from Lubbock, but what's her favorite part?

"One of my Facebook friends had mistakenly said the hug capital," Bingham says. "I think you should adopt it. I think it should be your unofficial title, because people have been so friendly here, already. Of course, you expect Texans to be that way, but their personalities are larger than life, the people are friendlier than you expect and the hospitality is genuine."

The visits of each of the travel writers is sponsored by Visit Lubbock.

The President and CEO of the organization, John Osborne, says it's important for our city to host these writers, because it'll have a positive impact on our economy.

"Now we have about 5.8 million visitors, annually coming to our community," he says. "And, we see all of the writers going back, telling the stories nationwide and even internationally, that's really going to help promote our community in a positive way."

You can follow along with Rebecca's trip at the link below.

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