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Philip Davila Pays It Forward: 9/7

Philip Davila (Source: KCBD Video) Philip Davila (Source: KCBD Video)

This week's Pay It Forward segment started out along University Avenue just north of 66th Street.  We set up with our Pay It Forward sign seeking this week's playmaker.

Philip Davila spotted our Pay It Forward sign first and pulled into the parking lot.

We asked Philip who he would help out if he had $300 to give?

Philip told us he wanted to help out a friend named Mindie Wiekert.  

Philip said, "She's a single mom.  She's got three kids and she needs help with rent and bills and stuff like that.  I know she could really use it right now."

We located Mindie at her residence.  Philip counted out $300 to Mindie.

Mindie accepted the money and told Philip, "Thanks."

Mindie said, "I've never had anyone just hand me $300."

Philip told us Mindie always gives more than she receives.

Mindie told us, "Yesterday, I was going to the mall and there was a lady and her daughter and I thought to myself how could I help them and they needed to get home and all I had was $10 and I gave it to them."

Mindie said, "I've seen it on TV all of the time.  I just didn't expect you would show up at my door."

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon.  You may become our next playmaker.

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