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Food for Thought Report: 9.8

Food for Thought Report: 9.8

For a complete overview of the Violations see below.

For a complete overview of the Violations see below.
No Violations
Bean Elementary 3001 Ave. N -
Bodyworks Fitness & Wellness 5025 50th -
Ching's Catering MFU 2417 Broadway -
Cinemark Movies 16 5721 58th -
Good Tastes 2922 69th -
Good Vibes Nutrition 6625 W. 19th -
Hanks BBQ 1502 FM 400, Slaton -
One Violation
Dollar General 10404 Slide 11
Harmony Science Academy 1516 53rd 41
A Cup of Yo 4505 98th 21
Head Hunters Smoke Shop 2602 34th 33
Jake's (Back Bar) 5025 50th 32
The Plaza Restaurant (Bar) 5029 Milwaukee 31
Wester Elementary 4602 Chicago 28
Two or More Violations
Stewart Elementary 4815 46th 28,42
Walgreen's Drug Store 6420 82nd 37,42
Jake's (Front Bar) 5025 50th 37,42,47
Flips Tavern 1406 Ave. Q 18,31,38
The Plaza Restaurant (Restaurant) 5029 Milwaukee 18,35,45
B&B Self Service 2116 50th 18,28,32,46
Raising Canes 5203 57th 15,18,32,42
Yellow House 3017 34th 9,32,35,37,43,47
Jakes (Restaurant) 5025 50th 15,18,28,31,39
Domino's Pizza 5407 4th 18,28,31,32,37,45,47
Wendy's 5212 Slide 2,18,29,32,42,45,47
E-Z Mart #241 4426 34th 9,11,19,31,32,42,45
Lin's Buffet 5603 Slide



3 Point Violations

Priority Items - Violations require immediate corrective action (not to exceed 3 days)
Proper Cooling Time & Temperature
Proper Cold Holding Temperature (41 Degrees/45 Degrees)
Proper Hot Holding Temperature (135 Degrees Fahrenheit)
Proper Cooking Time & Temperature
Proper Reheating Procedures for Hot Holding (165 Degrees Fahrenheit in Two Hours)
6 Time as a Public Health Control; procedures & records
7 Food and Ice Obtained from Approved Source; Food in Good Condition, Safe, and Unadulterated; Parasite Destruction
8 Food Received at Proper Temperature
9 Food Separated & Protected; Contamination Prevented During Food Preparation, Storage, Display, and Tasting
10 Food Contact Surfaces and Returnables; Cleaned and Sanitized
11 Proper Disposition of Returned, Previously Served or Reconditioned
12 Management, Food Employees and Conditional Employee's Knowledge Responsibilities, and Reporting
13 Proper Use of Restriction and Exclusion; No Discharge from Eyes, Nose, and Mouth
14 Hands Cleaned and Properly Washed/Glove Used Properly
15 No Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat Foods or Approved Alternate Method Properly Followed
16 Pasteurized Foods Used; Prohibited Food Not Offered; Pasteurized Eggs Used when Required
17 Food Additives; Approved and Properly Stored; Washing Fruits and Vegetables
18 Toxic Substances Properly Identified; Stored and Used
19 Water from Approved Source; Plumbing Installed; Proper Backflow Device
20 Approved Sewage/Wastewater Disposal System; Proper Disposal

Point     Violations

Priority Foundation Items - Violations Require Corrective Action (within 10 days)
21 Person in Charge Present; Demonstration of Knowledge and Perform Duties/Certified Food Manager (CFM)
22 Food Handler/No Unauthorized Persons/Personnel
23 Hot and Cold Water Available; Adequate Pressure; Safe
24 Required Records Available (shellstock tags, parasite destruction); Packaged Food Labeled
25 Compliance with Variance, Specialized Process and HACCP
26 Posting of Consumer Advisories; Raw or Undercooked Foods (disclosure/reminder/buffet plate); Allergen Labeling
27 Proper Cooling Method Used; Equipment Adequate to Maintain Product Temperature
28 Proper Date Marking and Disposition
29 Thermometers Provided, Accurate, and Calibrated; Chemical/Thermal Test Strips
30 Food Establishment Permit (current and valid)
31 Adequate Handwashing Facilities; Accessible and Properly Supplied; Used
32 Food and Non-Food Contact Surfaces Cleanable, Properly Designed, Constructed and Used
33 Warewashing Facilities; Installed, Maintained, Used/Service Sink or Curb Facility Provided

1 Point Violations Core Items - Violations Require Corrective Action Not to Exceed 90 Days or Next Inspection (whichever comes first)
34 No Evidence of Insect Contamination, Rodent/Other Animals
35 Personal Cleanliness/Eating, Drinking or Tobacco Use
36 Wiping Clothes; Properly Used and Stored
37 Environmental Contamination
38 Approved Thawing Method
39 Utensils, Equipment & Linens; Properly Used; Stored; Dried & Handled/In Use Utensils; Properly Used
40 Single Service & Single Use Articles; Properly Stored and Used
41 Original Container Labeling (Bulk Food)
42 Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
43 Adequate Ventilation and Lighting; Designated Areas Used
44 Garbage and Refuse Properly Disposed; Facilities Maintained
45 Physical Facilities Installed; Maintained and Clean
46 Toilet Facilities; Properly Constructed, Supplied and Clean
47 Other Violations

*MFU - Mobile Food Unit

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