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Target Offers Easier To Use Pill Bottles

A recent survey finds that 60-percent of prescription drug users have taken their medication wrong because they say the bottle was too hard to figure out. Pharmacist Ed Leahy says he's not surprised.

"Patients have mentioned to me that they've had difficulty reading their prescription bottle accurately. Sometimes the font was a little smaller or placement of the information on the bottle was confusing," says Leahy.

Now, Target is trying to make a difference by offering its customers a new kind of prescription bottle. The shape makes it easy to hold and read. New labels put the most important information at the top and color coded rings at the neck of the bottle help family members easily spot their own medicine so they don't get confused and grab the wrong one.

Also, a removable information card with more details about your medicine is tucked behind the label, just in case you need it. Liquid prescriptions are improved at Target also. Those bottles now contain a leak-resistant stopper and a measuring syringe so that it's easier to get the exact dose.

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