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Cheerleading Bill Generates Lubbock Response

Monterey High School Dance Team sponsor Cindy McBrayer says the hip-hop style of competitive dancing is the trend. "I find that the girls want to do it. Whether you consider it suggestive is in the eye of the beholder," said McBrayer.

McBrayer says Lubbock schools are already monitoring the style of dance but she says if it becomes law it would be hard to enforce.

State Representative Delwin Jones voted against the bill. He told us over the phone from the House floor in Austin that the legislature does not need to be involved in regulating this matter. "The attire and actions of cheerleaders is something parents and local schools should take care of," said Jones.

The bill was sponsored by Al Edwards, Democratic State Representative of Houston. He believes that cheerleading and dance at public school events are becoming "too sexy for the sidelines."

"Rather than try to describe it or make movements, if you're an adult, you've been involved with sex ever in your life, you know it when you see it," said Edwards.

McBrayer says there are more pressing issues lawmakers could focus on like bringing more textbooks and certified teachers into the classrooms. But also understands Texas schools need to strike a balance between what's acceptable and what's too sexy.

The bill is waiting for sponsorship in the Senate. If it does not get it, the bill will die.

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