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HEALTHWISE VIDEO: Healthy lunch Ideas to send to school or work

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Did you know the best way to put any juice or even milk in your child's lunch box is to freeze it in a small container the night before?

Then, let it thaw in your child's lunch box while it’s waiting for lunchtime.

That is just one of the many tips from Registered Nutritionist Brenda Duby at Market Street, who brought us several lunch box ideas on Healthwise at 5.

In one lunch she includes roast beef wraps. That is just a slice of roast beef wrapped with any slice of cheese.

Instead of regular grapes, she suggests Moondrop Grapes.

Those are the oddest looking things. They almost look like sausage links - skinny, long and dark, but they are wonderful tasting grapes!  Brenda says something different like that makes it more fun and interesting for kids to eat.

She says it's easier to include many different foods and keep them fresh by separating them in the divided containers she uses in the video.

And even though a frozen juice or milk will help keep it cold, Brenda says it’s still wise to include an ice pack in the lunch to make sure the food stays safe.

Watch the video to see all her healthy lunch suggestions.

All the containers she uses are available at Market Street.

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