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Food for Thought: 9/15

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Both of our stops aren't your average restaurant, but they're inspected just the same.

The Laredo Taco Company inside the Stripes at 2412 98th had a perfect inspection; making them a top performer.

But, The Laredo Taco Company inside the Stripes at 403 Ave Q had 13 violations. 

  • Several items including chicken, beef enchiladas and menudo were thrown out because they were not cooling properly. This can cause bacteria growth. 
  • Cooling records were not being maintained. 
  • Guacamole was not below the safe cold temperate of 41 degrees. 
  • Refried beans were not at least 135 degrees. 
  • Raw eggs were stored on a container of pico de gallo in the cooler. 
  • Glass cleaner was stored over utensils. A sanitizing solution was too strong. 
  • Ground beef and potatoes did not have a date mark. 
  • Kitchen utensils were dirty or broken. 
  • Raw chicken was thawing at room temperature. 
  • Paper towel was wrapped around a vent hood drip line. 
  • Personal items were stored in the kitchen. 
  • The walk-in freezer was leaking. 
  • The inspector notes due to the number and the nature of the violations management did not show proper food safety knowledge. 

The report says most of the violations were corrected while the inspector was there. 

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