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Both owners of Lamesa Memorial Park now behind bars

Lamesa Memorial Park (Source: KCBD Photo) Lamesa Memorial Park (Source: KCBD Photo)

With both of the owners of Lamesa Memorial Park behind bars, the wife of one of the owners has taken over operations, and her family says cleaning up the cemetery will be no easy task.

"Everybody I guess here in Lamesa is trying to blame my daughter for what's going on over here, but they don't know the whole story."

Junior Euresti's daughter, Brenda is married to Devin Lee Avant, one of the owners of Lamesa Memorial Park.

Avant was incarcerated in July, now his co-owner, Jose Morales is also behind bars, accused of felony theft, after several cemetery customers said they ordered monuments that were never delivered.

"They would go out to the cemetery and they would actually write a check for a monument, they would receive a contract back showing it was paid in full, they would wait several months, thinking it would take that long to get there, after several months though they started questioning it," says Dawson County Sheriff's Deputy James Davis.

A state agency halted all further transactions with the cemetery, citing several violations of rules and laws governing perpetual care cemeteries. Brenda, who did not want to go on camera, and Avant were separated during the alleged illegal activity, but her husband asked her to take over operations.

Her family says she stepped up to the plate, but has received backlash from the community.

"She's not the owner, she's just trying to help the community," Junior says. 

Her family helps with maintenance and groundskeeping when they can, but they say Brenda doesn't have the funds or the manpower to do this alone.

"I understand that people are frustrated with their graves, but if everyone of them takes a grave of their loved one, cuts their weeds, that's a good way to do it, just for a while until she gets on her feet," Junior says.

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