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HealthWise at 5 From 5.6

  • Pocket Pet Warning

Your child's fuzzy friend could be putting them at risk for salmonella poisoning. The CDC reports an outbreak of multi-drug resistant salmonella has been linked to small pet rodents, like hamsters, mice and rats, sold in retail pet stores. This is the first documented salmonella outbreak associated with the pocket-pets. The CDC says if there's a rodent in your family, you can lower your risk by thoroughly washing hands after handling the pets, their cages or their bedding.

  • Antioxidant Lifespan

More evidence that antioxidants may help us live longer. You can find that miracle maker in fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats and whole grains. This new study in the Journal Science says scientists have found that mice with elevated levels of an antioxidant enzyme lived nearly 20% longer than the other mice. Antioxidants are thought by many to fight free radicals, which are the bad cells in the body that trigger disease, damage and age.

  • Insulin Efficiency

Consistent exercise appears to be a better way to keep your insulin working in top form. Insulin, which converts food into energy for the body, works more efficiently when the muscles get some work. In a study at the University of Missouri-Columbia, just two days of inactivity led to reduced insulin sensitivity , or the rate at which insulin uses glucose. So, it seems muscle cells that get daily exercise have more receptors for insulin, leading to better use of glucose and greater insulin efficiency among those who stay active.

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