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Lamesa ISD maintenance workers volunteer to clean cemetery

Crew at work (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs) Crew at work (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs)
Before (Source: KCBD) Before (Source: KCBD)
Before (Source: KCBD) Before (Source: KCBD)
After (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs) After (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs)
Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs

Lamesa Memorial Park is meant to be covered in flowers and decorations to honor those who have been laid to rest. But when Adam Oliva visited the cemetery last Sunday, he was distracted by the poor conditions.

"We saw that it was in bad shape," Oliva said. "Grass was taller than the tombstones and the flat tombstones you couldn't see. You had to get through the stickers."

Oliva is a maintenance worker at Lamesa ISD, so he knows what it takes to maintain a site like this. He immediately began to tend to the overgrown vegetation around the site.

"I started on Sunday," Oliva said. "It was up to us."

It felt so good to see that grave cleared, Oliva decided to call in his crew and tackle the larger problem.

"I knew if I called Mr. Knight, he would be behind me," Oliva said.

When Lamesa Superintendent Jim Knight heard Oliva's volunteer idea, he was proud of him.

"We've got some great people," Knight said, "and when they see a need, if we can meet that need, they want to help do that."

For the past two days, small crews of less than 10 maintenance workers at a time rotated through the cemetery, mowing, weeding and tending to each gravestone.

"I knew once I got my guys out here, it would look a whole lot better once we got done with it," Oliva said. "Never once did they bat an eye at it or give me any complaints...they have loved ones here too, and they understood."

Oliva expects the job to be over Wednesday, but he said they will continue to look after this cemetery, to help honor the memories and support the families of those buried here.

"We have a lot of people coming out here now putting out flowers because they don't have to fight through the stickers or anything like that, and it's great," Oliva said. "The smiles on their faces is good enough for me."

Once the Lamesa maintenance workers finish their work at the cemetery, they will make sure to catch up on their regular duties at the school district as soon as possible.

"I'm sure there will be other people who want to step forward as well," Knight said, "but we sure want to do our part, and if we need to do it again next month, we'll do it again next month."


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