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Walk to benefit Southwest Parkinson's Society at Ranching Heritage Center on Saturday

Debbie Moore at Ranching Heritage Center Debbie Moore at Ranching Heritage Center
Moore and Bell Moore and Bell

A Ropesville woman's determination and spunk is inspiring hundreds of people affected by Parkinson's disease.

About 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease each year. Debbie Moore is a Parkinson's patient who has already raised thousands of dollars for the Southwest Parkinson's society, while other walk participants are building their teams to raise money on Saturday.

The money raised with Southwest Parkinson's Society stays on the South Plains to build community and assist people with Parkinson's.

Debbie remembers being with her family and friends snow skiing years ago when, "A friend saw I was having trouble and said, Debbie why aren't you turning right... and I said, well I don't KNOW. And....it all started then."

Even when Parkinson's disease started to take over Debbie's body, her attitude didn't deteriorate.

"I was 43 at the time. I like to snow ski, water ski, I didn't know if I was old or what. I was having trouble. I would start walking and it was like that where you freeze up. I was actually glad when they finally diagnosed me because I was like, okay now what do I do!" says Debbie.

As Parkinson's captures her muscles, Debbie's determination to fight daily and exercise, captures hearts.

Andrea Bell, a board member for the Southwest Parkinson's society They have the will to keep doing what is necessary to hold off the disease, to have their family. To support them. So they can live a more productive quality of life. Oh she's going to live forever because of her attitude...her spunkiness, she's got it made!"

Saturday the Southwest Parkinson's Society hosts their fall walk.

This event is the annual chance for shared struggles and shared smiles of encouragement.

Bell smiles and says, "She is contagious, her attitude is contagious for all our other patients!"

Debbie's family participates in the walk every year together.

"My grandchildren are very competitive, they want to be the first ones. They wanted to WIN. We would stop at a building and they would say, NO Gigi come on we have got to WIN! So anyways... they want to win." she laughed.

This year, at the 2016 Fall Walk Through the Ranch, not only her grandchildren, but countless others are on Debbie's team wanting her to win too.

The event is taking place at the Ranching Heritage Center on Texas Tech's campus. Registration and walking are free, but for a $25 donation you can participate in all family activities and eat lunch. It starts at 9 am and will last until about noon. Raider Red, mini ponies and food will be available for walkers to enjoy too.

More information or to register contact: http://www.swparkinson.org/ 

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