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HealthWise at 5 From 5.9

  • Brain Cell Boost

Though brain cells were believed to be destroyed following the chronic use of alcohol, a new study finds a burst of cell growth can happen when you abstain. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have found that after a week break from heavy drinking, new brain cells were being generated. The researchers say increasing physical activity can help spur along the process, in addition to laying off alcohol.

  • Jet-lagged Kids

Getting "A's" in school might require that kids get more "zzzz's." Ball State University physiology researchers surveyed about 200 fifth graders on their sleep habits. About 25% said they slept too little most days of the week, and another 39% were sleep deprived about half of the time. Teachers chimed in and said kids who come to school overly tired show it by yawning complaining, and even being hyperactive in class.

  • Diet Age Test

Not to pile on some guilt, but keep eating burgers and avoiding the gym, and you'll be adding to your "Diet Age" long before your next birthday! The folks at have a free online test that can determine your "Diet Age" based on your eating choices and fitness efforts. If you answer honestly, you'll get some good advice on how you can drop years from your "Diet Age" and get back to your youthful self!

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