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Tornado Researcher's Original Works Donated to Texas Tech

Dr. Theodore Fujita of Chicago is the creator behind the F-scale that is now used to measure a tornado's intensity. That scale was created soon after the 1970 Lubbock tornado tore through the city.

Dr. Fujita traveled around the world studying the intensity of tornadoes. He did this from 1945 to 1998, including a trip to Lubbock in 1970. All of his works, including hand drawn scales, will be available for everyone to see.

On Tuesday, all of those records were donated to Texas Tech by Dr. Fujita's son, Dr. Kaz Fujita. It will go on display at the Southwest Collections Library in several months.

He chose to give the university the records because he felt his father's work could be used by future researchers. "Students can use this to get into tornado research and get into the details of how tornadoes work. My father's goal was to find the mechanics of the inside of a tornado," said Dr. Fujiti.

Fujita's F-scale is used to categorize tornadoes as F-0 to an F-5. Researchers are working to improve the F-scale for more precise measurement. It's called the "Enhance Fujita" which meteorologists will refer to as EF-1 instead of F-1.

The National Weather Service is reviewing it, and should be implemented Nationally in six months.

More Info on the Fujita Scale
The Fujita Scale is used to rate the intensity of a tornado by examining the damage caused by the tornado after it has passed over a man-made structure.

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