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Monica Orosco Pays It Forward: 9/28

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This week's Pay It Forward segment features a Lubbock woman who was excited about making a difference in the life of her co-worker who just had a baby.

We set up with our Pay It Forward and it didn't take long for Monica Orosco to pull into the parking lot.

She spotted our sign within minutes eager to have the opportunity to give back to someone in need.

We asked Monica who she wanted to help out.

Monica told us, "I have a co-worker named Ramona.  She just had a baby."

Monica told us that she wanted to help Ramona out since it is expensive paying for needs like diapers, clothing and baby food items.

Monica said, "I think she would be a great candidate for this."

We drove to Ramona's workplace and caught Ramona walking into the parking lot.  She was completely surprised.

Monica told her what was going on and proceeded to count out $300 to Ramona.

Ramona burst into tears and became very emotional.

Ramona accepted the money and said, "Thank you so much.  Thank you guys."

We asked her how this would help her out.

Ramona replied, "I have a newborn baby so I have to get her clothes, diapers and baby wipes.  It's not cheap."

Ramona gave Monica a hug and told us it was a blessing having a friend like Monica in her life.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon.  You may become our next playmaker.

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