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Anita Licon Pays It Forward: 10/5

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It was a terrific day to Pay It Forward in South Lubbock this week.  We set up along 82nd Street near Avenue U seeking this week's playmaker.  

Anita Licon was running errands when she spotted our Pay It Forward sign.  

We asked Anita who she would like to pick.  We told her it couldn't be a family member or anyone in her vehicle and we had one hour to find our recipient.

Anita told us, "I have a friend that she works for at Rawlings Community Center.  She's a single parent."

Anita told us she wanted to help out Dale Castaneda.

Anita said, "She deserves this because she takes care of her grandkids, just like I do you know and times are hard."

We made a short trip to the Copper-Rawlings Community Center where we surprised Dale at work.

Anita walked in the front door and asked Dale, "Do you know who these people are?"

It took Dale a second to make the connection.

Once she knew what it was, she was overwhelmed with joy and emotion.

Dale took a deep breath and exclaimed, "No way!"

Anita gave her $300 and Dale was speechless as she broke into tears.

She gave Anita a big hug and couldn't believe what was happening.

Dale said, "Thank you guys."

Anita replied, "Thank you for being my friend."

We asked Dale how this would come in handy for her.

Dale replied, "I have a lot of bills to pay off.  God is good."

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon.  You may become our next playmaker.

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