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High school beekeeper stresses importance of bee care

Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs
Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs
Carl Young (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs) Carl Young (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs)
Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs
Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs

It is a concern that has the nation buzzing this month, when seven species of bees native to Hawaii became protected by the Endangered Species Act.

This the first time bees in the United States are considered under threat.

However, dozens of beekeepers in the South Plains work together to keep these insects safe.

"My friends and my family actually supported it and they were really excited," Carl Young said. "Sometimes it's really hard when the school work gets really busy."

Young may just be a senior at Frenship High School, but he has cared for his own colony of honeybees in Lubbock for two years.

"Raising bees was just another stepping stone for me, really," he said. "There's always something new to learn in beekeeping."

It all started when Young found a colony of bees in his backyard.

"I was really afraid of them," he said, "and I was actually trying to get rid of them."

Even though it was dangerous, Young decided he wanted to observe and learn more about the bees.

"I was really intrigued by these bees," he said, "and I decided to start keeping bees."

Through his research on the internet and entomology classes, Young has become somewhat of a "bee expert."

"I looked for books, I read articles," he said, "and I ended up finding another beekeeper here in Lubbock."

Through his beekeeper mentors in and around Lubbock, Young has not only created his own colony, but helps bee removal experts with their calls.

"We vacuum them up into a super," Young said, "and just set them in our apiary."

Young needs a special suit and tools to tend to his bees at least every two weeks.

"I'm going in the hive," he said, "and I'm going to make sure that everything is going good in there."

Inside their little home, called an apiary, are all of the honeybee's creations.

"They produce honey, they produce [wax], they produce royal jelly," Young said.

The bees are so beneficial to Young that he encourages homeowners to contact a bee removal expert if they encounter a problematic hive.

"We get these bees out the safest way possible," he said, "and then the easiest way possible trying to keep these bees alive.

Young has even helped create a Facebook page called "Beekeepers of Lubbock TX" to keep up with demand of bee removal calls.

"We do get a lot of calls of people wanting to save these bees," he said. "It's really dangerous for someone who is uneducated on bees to try to remove them themselves."

Young hopes more South Plains residents will realize the importance of bees to the environment.

"Some plants can't reproduce without being pollinated," Young said. "Bees are really important, and I need to make sure that they're doing well."

Young encourages anyone who wants to learn more about bees or is interested in bee removal to join their Facebook group:

FACEBOOK: Beekeepers of Lubbock Tx

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