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X-FAB Lubbock first in the world with new power conversion technology


A recent investment makes the X-FAB Silicon Foundries Facility in Lubbock the first location in the world to take steps towards new technologies in power conversion.

On Friday, the facility announced that they have received a device that will help them become the world's first manufacturer of six inch silicon carbide foundries.

For years, the facility has made silicon foundries but the carbide addition allows them to produce more efficient technology to convert energy for wind turbines, hybrid cars, and other items. Officials say the new technology will not only help the facility stay in operation, but it will also bring more jobs to the area.

"Silicon carbide allows us to continue operations, retain the jobs that we have, and we're very optimistic that we will actually be able to expand our employment base as we are successful in the market," said Andy Wilson, Director of Strategic Business Development for X-FAB.

X-FAB is working with the Department of Energy and other organizations to invest in this new product, and they say this will allow them to speed up the production of the foundries.

"By being a first mover they're going to have tremendous advantage of market penetration and selling their devices around the globe, and that's going to have a great impact in terms of energy reduction and economic stimulus around the world, but it's also going to have a great impact on Lubbock," said Dr. Robert Ivester, Deputy Director of the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office.

X-FAB says they are in the development cycle right now, but they hope to start production of the silicon carbide foundries in the first half of next year.

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