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KliffNotes: Heading into the West Virginia game

KliffNotes (Source: KCBD Graphic) KliffNotes (Source: KCBD Graphic)

After Saturday's disappointing 44-38 loss to Kansas State, Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury stepped up to the podium to express his disappointment on Monday.

"I thought we left a lot out there. Thought Pat had some really good throws, made good plays. We had some balls we could have finished. But, didn't play as well in the second half. Still had a bunch of yards. Had a bunch of yards, could have scored points but just didn't get it done. Have to find a way to finish those drives and score more points," Kingsbury said.

The Red Raiders had trouble executing on 4th downs. They were (0-3) on 4th downs, so does Kingsbury feel like he should have turned to his special teams in those moments?

"No. The first one just felt like field goals weren't going to get it done. Had a good call on it. Just didn't finish it. And then the other two. Just were going to be aggressive and, like I said, I didn't think field goals at that time would be enough," Kingsbury said.

So up next, they have undefeated West Virginia coming to town and this Mountaineer squad loves to run the ball.

"Last year they ran it I think 57-times versus us. So I've known he's been doing that the last three or four years. He's run heavy, and so I don't know what they call his offense. But he's definitely pushed that way, where he's running it more than he throws it," Kingsbury said.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Mountaineers are ranked 3rd in the Big XII for their pass defense. That's something Texas Tech's 1st ranked pass offense has to be ready for.

"I think their entire defense is good, really. Like I talked about year in, year out when we play them, schematically they do a great job trying to take away what you're good at and it will be a big challenge. Last year we weren't very physical and they got after us. And we need to be up to the challenge this year," Kingsbury said.

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