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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: One on one with Former First Lady Laura Bush

Laura Bush (Source: KCBD Video) Laura Bush (Source: KCBD Video)

The Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health at Texas Tech has grown to include more than just a campus in Lubbock. There are also campuses in San Angelo, Abilene, Amarillo and Dallas.

Recently, the former first lady came to Lubbock to check-in on her namesake in Lubbock.

About 700 people filled the Allen Theatre at Texas Tech to see the former first lady and hear her comments about growing up in Midland, life in the White House and now "retirement" in Dallas.

The program was called "Spoken from the Heart", which is also the name of her autobiography.

But earlier in the day, I had a chance to talk to Laura Bush before the event.

Since her mother-in-law was in the White House first, I asked her, "Did Barbara Bush ever give you any advice?"  Laura Bush said, "Only one time. She said don't criticize George's speeches."

Mrs. Bush then explained that one time, when George had campaigned in Lubbock for the seat left open by Congressman George Mahon in 1978, she and her husband were driving home from Lubbock to Midland and just as George turned into their driveway, he asked her "What did you think of my speech?"

Laura Bush explained, "I said, 'Well, it wasn't really that good' and he drove into the garage wall."

I asked the former first lady what it was like now that she and the President are back in Dallas. I said, "Is there some normalcy now?" Immediately, she said, "Oh, yeah. We have a very normal life back in a neighborhood in Dallas."

Not that I was trying to contradict such a gracious lady, but I was sitting in a room with secret service monitoring my every move. So, I suggested that it was hard to imagine seeing her in line at the grocery store.

She agreed, but only because she says "I don’t go to the grocery store very often."

Maybe the Secret Service does her shopping? I guess I should have asked.

Mrs. Bush talked about the horrific day when terrorists burned 9-11 into our vocabulary.

She talked about growing up in Midland and the many trips she enjoyed to Lubbock.

Prairie Dog Town is a special memory for her since she and her dad liked to go there.

She said about Lubbock, "It's very nostalgic to be back here."

And she glowed when she talked about her grandchildren, Mila and Poppy Louise.

She said, "As George says, it's the only thing that's not over-rated. It's even better than everyone says it is - to have grandchildren."

Then she added, "They call me Grammy and they call him Jefe -  'Boss'"

So, yes, there must be some normalcy now that Grammy and Jefe are back in Texas with occasional visits from little grandchildren who adore them.

But judging by the Secret Service presence in the room during that interview, George and Laura

Bush's life after the White House will never really be "normal" again.

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