Consider this: Lubbock is growing

Look around almost anywhere in our city and you will see that Lubbock is growing.

Almost anywhere you go in our city you see new businesses and homes being built. Whether it is redevelopment downtown, Monsanto's construction in north Lubbock County or new residential development in south and west Lubbock, our growth is steady and the outlook is optimistic.

Most of that expansion is private dollars, money that turns over several times in goods purchased and salaries paid right here at home. This is the healthiest kind of growth.

Consider this...growth like this comes when government does its job and gets out of the way.

Government doesn't create jobs but it can create an environment that encourages economic growth.

A robust infrastructure that is critical to economic growth does not happen by accident.

I applaud the careful planning done by city leaders in the past that has brought us this far, and I encourage today's leaders to take care of business.

Do your job!

Make streets, utilities and safe neighborhoods a priority and the private sector will do the rest.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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