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Setting Boundaries and saying no to kids

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One of the first words a child learns is "No".

Bob Howell, a private counselor and hypnotherapist at the Ranch at Dove Tree, says "No" is a good word for parents to use, too.

He says by setting boundaries, parents can plan a framework for kids to make good choices growing up, helping them avoid unhealthy behaviors.

He explains, "And therein comes the great role of parents in setting or offering a range of choices for a child or teenager to make that are safe. Then, allowing that child within that framework to make one of those decisions."

Bob says he's seen kids in Lubbock as young as elementary school exposed to drugs and other troublesome behavior. That's why he suggests a good way to avoid going down that road is to give kids choices early on, within a framework of what is off limits.

If you have other questions, you can reach Bob Howell at The Ranch at Dove Tree (806) 746-6777 or at his private office (806) 535-0991.

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