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Food for Thought Report 5.12

The temperatures are rising and it's time to talk ice cream! More than forty flavors make a top performing ice cream parlor live up to it's name. Naturally, we tried a few at the Kaliedoscoops on 82nd Street. Everything from Playdough, to Cotton Candy, to Celebrate America... which has what else but poprocks in it.  When asked which is his favorite, Owner Kelley Odell says, "Oh, I like a lot of them. I can't pick a favorite." 

Food for Thought 5.12
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 5/12/05.

Odell also taste tests the goods (for quality control purposes of course) and he makes sure his ice cream creations are safe for you and your little ones. He explains, "Just keeping hands clean and rags off the counters and making sure temperatures are right in the freezers and that we do what we're supposed to do and make sure everything is clean and tidy."

Kaleidoscoops is doing something right; good ice cream, good employees, and now a good title of top performer. Odell says, "One of our goals is to be a top performer so we're real proud of that." Kaleidoscoops has a lot more to be proud of.  They've got icecream cakes and smoothies and shakes but, they should be real proud of the County Fair Winner ice cream... our personal favorite.

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