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Too Much Juice Could Be Unhealthy

Since kids today are more inclined to grab a soft drink most parents think of juice as a healthy option, but it turns out that can depend on how much juice.

"If a child is getting filled with fruit juices instead of having either their formula or regular foods you can have one of two different scenarios. Either they substitute good healthy balanced foods and then may have some poor weight gain. Or they may, in addition to having their regular meals, guzzle down a whole bunch of fruit juice which then can put them at risk for obesity," says Robbyn Sockolow. M.D. Pediatrician

Another concern about too much juice is tooth decay. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests infants should never take a bottle of juice to bed overnight, or they could end up with Bottle Mouth Syndrome,which is a fancy name for rotten teeth from all that sugar soaking the gums (pictured right).

Infants should not even have juice before their six months old and between the ages of one and six years old, juice should be limited to four to six ounces daily,and even for kids seven to 18, the AAP suggests no more than twelve ounces daily with 100 percent juice preferred to juice drinks which typically have a lot of added sweeteners.

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