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Charges filed after video of students having sex at high school distributed on social media

Monterey High School (Source: KCBD) Monterey High School (Source: KCBD)

Last week a video of three students having sex inside Monterey High School was distributed on social media. The video was shared hundreds of times.

According to officials with the Lubbock Police Department, two of the students have been arrested and booked into the juvenile detention center. A third person is considered a suspect.

The charges for one person arrested are public lewdness and sale and distribution and display of harmful material to a minor. The second person arrested was charged with public lewdness. Both people arrested are minors, so their names have not and will not be released.

Lubbock Independent School District officials released the following statement on Friday:

Lubbock ISD was apprised of a video posted to social media of three students involved in sexual activity on school district property. The district took immediate action in initiating both administrative and criminal charges. Anyone distributing the video could also face charges. 

We asked LPD Assistant Chief Jon Caspell, what could happen to anyone who participated in sharing the video?

"Potentially they could be facing some charges for sharing or distributing child pornography if that's the way that the court interprets that recording," Caspell said. "These are juveniles that the court views very seriously. And there are certain things that cannot be recorded, that people cannot possess and child porn is one of them. And if this is considered to be child porn it could get people into some very serious trouble."

Caspell says it all comes down to intent.

"If people are doing something, and they come across it innocently, they’re not going to be in trouble. But if they partake in it, and then they assist in keeping it out there. They keep sharing it. They certainly could be in trouble," Caspell said. 

He says the best thing to do if you come across a video like this, is to call police immediately.

"Contact us because we need to stop the distribution of this. This is not fun, this is not innocent. This is a potential crime. These are potential child victims, and we need to stop it."

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