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KliffNotes: Red Raiders plan to 'play tougher' against Oklahoma

KliffNotes (Source: KCBD Graphic) KliffNotes (Source: KCBD Graphic)

Texas Tech drops their second straight Big XII Conference game, but this time it was in blow out fashion to West Virginia.

"Yeah we were definitely flat, like I said we had no energy and they wanted it more. They were moving around there fast, so they were making more plays. They were blocking better, getting off of blocks better and hitting harder. So every phase of the game, the dominated," Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury said.

The team struggled severely on the offensive side of the ball, but even worse was the defense, and Kliff says they have to get better.

"Yeah, it wasn't good enough. We didn't get lined up, didn't make the tackles when they were there. And, their quarterback I thought he played well but had plays to be made but we didn't make them," said Kingsbury.

So after all of that, how does the team plan on battling back?

"You now, we will find out. We just have to make it a point of emphasis that we have to play tougher, we will practice we will try to ramp up practices. To see if we can bring more energy, more enthusiasm and more mental toughness this week," said head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

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