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Lubbock costume shop reports low demand for clown costumes

Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs
Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs
Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs

As clown sightings continue across the country, Target announced Monday they will no longer sell clown masks.

A company spokesman said  the masks will not even be available online, because of the "sensitivity to the issue at hand."

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Some of these alleged sightings have even been reported in Lubbock.

Lubbock police report they responded to 14th Street and Utica Avenue late one night, when someone said they saw someone dressed as a clown.

They did not find anyone matching that description in the area.

Party Plus Warehouse believes that kind of reputation has affected sales of their clown costumes.

"We really haven't sold…maybe a handful, and that's it this year," said owner, Kim Hodges.

After a high demand for clown costumes last year, Hodges said they ordered even more of them in February.

It was not until the clown sightings the past couple of months that they questioned if they should pull the costumes. Her children would even tell her about clowns making threats on Facebook.

"They were posting on Facebook saying that they're coming to the school," she said, "and I'm like, 'That's not true.'"

There was even a "Lubbock Clownz" Facebook page that made comments earlier this month such as "watch your backs 8-0-6" before it was deleted.

"You never know which one is the one that is going to hurt you or which one is going to be the one just for fun," Lubbock mother Ashton Olivarez said.

The Lubbock Police Department has investigated those posts, and did not find any evidence that the threats were real.

They continue to monitor those social media reports.

"People have the right, if you're on their property and they feel threatened, they have the right to do something about it," Hodges said.

If someone does make a threat, dressed as a clown or not, Lubbock Police say they could face charges ranging from a Class C Assault to a Class A Terroristic Threat.

But Kim has faith in her customers to only use their clown costumes for a fun time with friends, not time behind bars.

"Being locally owned and operated, you kind of draw that crowd to your store as well," Hodges said. "Remember what Halloween is about and it is about the kids getting to dress up you know in their cute little outfits, fun outfits and get some candy.:

While police say it is not a crime to dress up as a clown, they ask if you do see something suspicious and feel you may be in danger to please give them a call.

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