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Lubbock Naval Reserve Center on Closure List

Lubbock's Naval Reserve Center on East Regis Street is on the Pentagon's list of possible closures. If they decide to make it official, all of the center's reservists and full time Navy workers will be re-assigned. They had a feeling it was coming at the naval reserve center, and though there will probably be a little sadness if it does indeed close, the sailors support whatever the Pentagon and the President decide. Lt. Commander P.J. Tech says, "We want the Navy and the military to operate as efficiently as possible for the taxpayers. Seriously, that's our whole goal and purpose."

Tech oversees nine full time workers and 135 reservists out of Lubbock's Naval Reserve Center. The center keeps those reservists trained and ready for service, but that responsibility may soon shift to nearby centers. Tech says, "It's an important process because right now the Department of Defense estimates there's 25% more infrastructure than we actually need."

Lubbock reservists and their families will not have to relocate if the reserve center closes, but they may have to report for duty in Amarillo, El Paso or Fort Worth. Tech explains, "The full time employees are still part of the Navy. They'll rotate hopefully on time. The reservists are attached to units. The units will be re-assigned to another reserve center. They can either follow the unit there or re-affiliate with another unit at a different reserve center."

The Reserve Center building also houses the Lubbock Marine and Army Reserve Centers. Right now, they are not on the closure list and will remain open.

The list of recommended closures will now go to the base-closing commission. The commission's recommendations go the President by September. If he accepts them, the plan becomes final within 45 days unless Congress passes a joint resolution to block the entire package. If that happens, the base closing commission has to revise their plan and President Bush has until November 7th to approve or disapprove and send it to Congress. The Pentagon then has six years to close, relocate or downsize bases on the final list.

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