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HealthWise at 5 From 5.13

  • Season Menopause

The season you were born may play a role as to when menopause strikes, new research suggests. A new Italian study of nearly 3,000 women found women born in March reached menopause an average of 18 months earlier than women born in October. Researchers are now studying whether the season of birth influenced their risk of certain psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. The study is published in the Journal Human Reproduction.

  • Soda Kids

A new report published in the Journal "Pediatrics" calls for the soft drink industry to help children lose weight. Researchers reviewed studies on soft drinks and kids. They found the typical teen consumes two 12-ounce cans of soft drinks a day making 18% to 20% of their daily calories. They say children who drink soft drinks and sweetened fruit drinks instead of milk could be missing out on protein, calcium and important vitamins. Researchers call for the beverage and snack food industries to help in the effort to prevent obesity in children.

  • Diabetes Increase

A new report finds that Type-Two Diabetes is becoming a problem worldwide, especially for children. A review of published data since 1978 finds the number of children and adolescents with Type- Two Diabetes has increased significantly over the last 15 years. There were striking increases in some groups. Apparently, new cases of Native-Americans with Diabetes jumped 70%, and pediatric cases in Japan rose 80%. And since Diabetes is an obesity related problem, researchers are calling for urgent strategies to help fight back.

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