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Ralls Man Looses Everything in Tornado

Families spent the day searching through rubble left from Thursday night's tornado, trying to find any piece of their destroyed property. But for one family, this wasn't the first time they've faced the devastation from a storm.

"This use to be the garage, the house use to be there," Randy Reese reflects on his grandfather's house that now stands on a pile of debris. The rest of the family tried recovering pictures and other belongings, but all they found was a rifle and a picture book through the remains of the storm.

The tornado touched down around 9:00 Thursday night. Randy and his family heard the warning to take shelter, and realized the tornado was headed straight for their pop's house. Randy recollects, "We called him on his cell, but it cut out."

It wasn't until the next morning the family heard about the damage to pop's house, and when they showed up, they found a hole where the house use to sit. "He's (Pop) upset. All his memories are here with my Nannie. There's metal wrapped around trees. It's amazing, scary. We're just happy he's alive."

But Pop Reese is a survivor. In 1957, just one mile up the road from this house, Harley and his family waited out their first tornado, that also claimed that home. "It did exactly the same thing. We have pictures of the old tornado somewhere in here, it was the same. They had to start over from scratch."

The sunrise after the storm gave the Reese family gratitude for each other, and hope for a new beginning once again. "I guess we'll just pick up the pieces."

If you would like to help "Pop" start his life again, the family is accepting donations at all People's Bank locations under the Harley Reese Fund.

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