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Lubbock County Republican Chairman: 'The local party is still united'

(Source: Lubbock County Republican Party Facebook page) (Source: Lubbock County Republican Party Facebook page)

While some Republicans across the country are distancing themselves from Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, that doesn’t seem to be the case locally.

KCBD contacted our local Republican lawmakers to see where they stand. We asked each of them if they still support Donald Trump and what was the most important factor in their decision.

What we found is that Lubbock’s legislators are standing solidly behind the Republican ticket.

State Senator Charles Perry’s office gave us this statement:

"I support the Republican Party. I support Trump because of three to five Supreme Court nominees, 59 federal judge appointees, and the 8,000 agency appointees coming in the next 8 yrs. The country can't survive another eight years of the status quo."

We received a similar response from District 84 State Representative John Frullo who said, "I am supporting and voting for the Republican ticket. The most important factor is, he [Trump] is not a Clinton."

District 83 State Representative Dustin Burrows made it clear that his support is a matter of doing what he said he would do.

"I said I would support the Republican primary winner; and, I have supported the nominee. I will be voting for Trump," said Burrows.

Republican nominee for congress Jodey Arrington released this statement yesterday in answer to our question:

While I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in the Primary, I am voting for him as the Republican Nominee in the General Election for two main reasons:

1. Hillary Clinton will appoint liberal activist judges to the Supreme Court who will further undermine the Constitution and trample our personal freedoms and states’ rights.

2. Hillary Clinton represents the darkest corner of Washington’s broken corrupt culture that is destroying our country - not to mention that her liberal policies will accelerate our transformation to European-style socialism, moral relativism, and national insecurity.

Lubbock County Republican Chairman Steve Evans says the local party is united.

"The local party is still united, we aren’t seeing the separation that we are in the national party, we are united and still out working for Trump,” said Evans.

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