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Lubbock Area Tornados Leave Path of Destruction

The National Weather Service has now confirmed an F2 and F3 tornado touched down near Ralls. Those winds measured in excess of 200 mph are now to blame for completely destroying one man's home and forcing another farmer to start over after 50 years.

Wayne Crump drives from his home to the farm every day and what he saw the morning of Friday, May 13, didn't have the slightest resemblance to what he saw the previous morning.

Crump said, "It looks like somebody dropped a bomb here!"

His farm land is in shambles as a result of a tornado that touched down west of Ralls the evening of Thursday, May 12. Now, Crump's equipment is on the barn, rather than in the barn. "I don't know where to start off. A tornado came through here last night, flipped over the stripper, tore down both barns, flipped over my boll buggy, landed on top of where a barn used to be."

All of his equipment is completely destroyed, along with a vacant farmhouse.

The tornado moved a silo almost half a mile into the field where it currently lies, along with much of his other belongings. Crump said the mere sight of the massive destruction brought tears to his eyes.

"Cleanup is going to be astronomical because it's going to take a whilt to clean this mess up. And it's time to be planting," said Crump. However, almost half of his cotton seed was destroyed.

Crump said the total damage will be around $150,000, but he still finds a way to smile. "You gotta have a positive attitude," said Crump. "We've been praying for rain, we got the rain. We just didn't pray for the tornado. And we'll talk to the good Lord about that later!"

What's ironic is that a trailer home not even a mile away from Crump's farm was untouched except a bent television antenna.

Ralls Man Looses Everything in Tornado
Families spent the day searching through rubble left from Thursday night's tornado, trying to find any piece of their destroyed property. But for one family, this wasn't the first time they've faced the devastation.

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