I Beat Pete: Balleyball - Volleyball with exercise balls

Source: KCBD Photo
Source: KCBD Photo
Source: KCBD Photo
Source: KCBD Photo

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It was back in April this year that I saw video on YouTube from a gym in Latvia (http://youtu.be/4bfMvlzlmkQ), where they played volleyball using exercise balls. They called it Balleyball.

I knew I had to do it on I Beat Pete! Zach's Club stepped up and provided 12 exercise balls for this 6 on 6 challenge.

Zach's Club had a strong team, including former Red Raider Bart Thomas, Zach's brother, former Red Raider Brandon Carter and 2012 U.S. Olympian Jason Young.

Balleyball uses a volleyball. Each player has an exercise ball that you use to serve, return and spike the volleyball with.

I was stunned how quickly we picked the game up. I bet you'll want to play, too.

Balleyball is so much fun. Check out the Challenge.

Special thanks to Apex Event Center for hosting the challenge and to Zach's Club for participating.

If you have a challenge, email me at Ibeatpete@kcbd.com

I'm just about booked up for 2016, but we are accepting challenges for 2017 now as well.

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