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Buckle Up with the Driving Quiz

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The Click It or Ticket campaign begins next Monday, May 23rd meaning officers will be out in full-force to make sure you're buckled up. Do you know what percentage of Texans regularly buckle up? Is it 83% or 93%?

The correct answer is 83%. That means eight out of every ten drivers and passengers buckle up. Trooper Robyn Wilson says, "This month is the beginning of the summer driving season. State troopers and local law enforcement want you to get where you're going safely and that means making sure all drivers, adult passengers and children are buckled up."

Who is required to buckle up by state law? Is it the driver only or the driver and passengers?

The answer is the driver and all front seat passengers. Trooper Phillip Dean says, "The driver can be issued a ticket if he or she is not wearing a safety belt or if there are any unsecured children in the car. Any adult front seat passengers not buckled up will get a ticket too."

Do you know what the maximum fine for not buckling up? Is it $25 or $50?

The answer is $50. Unbuckled kids will cost you an additional $200. Trooper Robyn Wilson says, "By buckling up, you'll not only avoid a fine, you'll also increase your odds of surviving a serious crash." Safety experts say a safety belt doubles your odds of survival in a crash and reduces your risk of injury by 50%.

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