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Protecting your kids during Halloween

Dr. John Griswold (Source: KCBD Video) Dr. John Griswold (Source: KCBD Video)

For many kids, Halloween is the most wonderful holiday. But it is also very scary that more children are injured or killed in accidents on Halloween than any other day of the year.

Dr. John Griswold says that is mainly because of kids getting hit by cars while trick or treating. But, he adds that is only the first in a long list of safety concerns that come with this holiday.

He says another big problem - home-made costumes that are not fire retardant.

Dr. Griswold says despite the many ways today to add mood lighting to a party without a flame, people still light real candles… and we still see accidents with kids and even adults getting burned.  He recalls, "We've actually had one Halloween where children were at a party and their costumes caught on fire. Three of them were badly burned."

Pumpkin carving can also be an accident waiting to happen, especially if there are children around.

Dr. Griswold tells the story of another tragic Halloween in Lubbock that began with a pumpkin carving in the home.

"They were carving the pumpkin and the knife was left unattended on the table. The child slipped and fell onto the knife. The knife went right through the hand. The child came in with the knife sticking completely through the hand."

That's why Dr. Griswold recommends decorating pumpkins with paint, stickers, felt, or anything creative that does not require a knife.

Another important reminder, he says, is for drivers to please slow down, watch for kids darting between cars, and make sure you and others in the car are buckled.

If you are at home passing out candy to trick or treaters, he says make sure your lawn and sidewalks are safe, remove any obstacles, make your front porch is as bright as possible, and keep pets away in another room when you answer the door.

Finally, if you are a parent, he says always equip your trick or treater with a flashlight and do not allow kids to eat candy until they get home or you have had a chance to check it to know that it is safe.

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