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Texas Tech vs. TCU: 3 Keys to Victory for Tech

Texas Tech vs. TCU (Source: KCBD Graphic) Texas Tech vs. TCU (Source: KCBD Graphic)

In a game were the Texas Tech offense broke multiple NCAA records, they still managed to fall to Oklahoma last week 66-59. But they can’t hang their heads long after that tough loss, because now they are preparing for the (4-3) TCU Horned Frogs.  So here are my 3 keys to victory for Texas Tech to go into Fort Worth and beat the Horned Frogs.

Win the Turnover Battle: Texas Tech hasn’t won the turnover battle since the Kansas game (which was week 4 of the season). Now turnovers were the bread and butter for David Gibbs and the defense last season, but that’s not the story this season. As of right now Texas Tech has only forced 5 turnovers in 7-games, and the offense has given up 9. So sitting at negative-4 in the turnover category will kill any team, and that’s what happened to Tech. So if Texas Tech wants to win, they need to get turnovers.

Offensive line needs to step up: Coming into this game, the Texas Tech offensive line gives up on average 2.43 sacks per-game.  But, they haven’t faced a defensive line like TCU. Coming to this game the Horned Frog defensive line ranks #1 in the Big XII, for total sacks on the season (27 in 7-games). They average just south of 4 sacks per-game, and they also have 2 out of the top 5 pass rushers in the Big XII. So if Texas Tech wants to beat TCU and break offensive numbers like they did last week, then the offensive line has to play well.

Play Defense: This is the key that every Texas Tech fan will agree with me on, Tech simply has to play defense. In Tech’s last game against Oklahoma, the defense didn’t stop the Sooners offense once in the second half. Now that sounds like a recipe for a tough night, and that’s what the Red Raiders got. So back to the TCU game, their offense is definitely stoppable. TCU comes into this game ranked 6th in the Big XII for their scoring offense. They also come into this game ranked 6th for their rushing offense, so the Horned Frog offense is definitely stoppable. And if Texas Tech wants to beat TCU, they will have figure out a way to stop the Horned Frogs at least a couple of times.

Final Thoughts: The last time Texas Tech went into Fort Worth to play TCU, they lost to the Horned Frogs 82-27. Now these are two completely different teams, but I would look for Tech to use that game for motivations come Saturday. Now if Texas Tech can do these 3 keys, I’d look for Tech to come back to Lubbock with a big time win over TCU.  

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