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'Restore' Eye Implant Surgery

A San Diego woman is one of the first in the nation to trade her bifocals for a new eye implant called "Restore".

Here's how it works. Barbara's eye is numbed and cleaned. Through a microscope, the eye surgeon gently breaks apart her old lens with an ultrasound machine and suctions it out. It only takes about 8 minutes of surgery to remove the old lens and replace it with the permanent implant.

Unlike other eye implants, the 'restore' lens isn't attached to eye muscles. Instead, ridges on the lens will automatically focus on objects close up or far away.

Barbara says she didn't feel a thing. "It's not as scary as you think. My ability to see is going to be much better," says Barbara Green.

"Restore" eye implant surgery costs around $7,000. It's not in Lubbock yet, but Dr. Tim Kater at the West Texas Eye Associates says he is looking into the procedure and would like to bring it to Lubbock sometime, if the results continue to look good.

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