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Rosacea Treatment Options

Many people think of it as just rosy cheeks or adult acne, but for 14 million Americans, it's really Rosacea.

Some of the triggers that can make Rosacea bloom include hot showers, alcoholic drinks, hot coffee and sunlight. "That's often the way it begins, as blood vessels that are very reactive and after awhile those blood vessels sort of get stuck in the open position, and then you can actually see the little wormy blood vessels in the face and it can be sensitive and stinging," says Dr. Laurie Polis at Skin and Laser Clinic

Rosacea is treatable. Aside from avoiding the trigger factors, there are prescription creams that can reduce the acne appearance. If that doesn't work, there are lasers which constrict and seal off the tiny facial blood vessels. It usually takes several sessions, but there's little pain and no down time. You could even have it done during a lunch hour,and cover any initial redness with make-up.

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